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Our experienced and dedicated team of lawyers are always driven to fight for the highest possible results for our clients and their families whether through settlement or trial. 


Financial Advisor Fraud | FINRA

Following a week-long arbitration hearing under FINRA Dispute Resolution Services, Independence, Iowa financial advisor Dana Vietor was ordered to pay a group of 13 Independence area residents $5,769,227.00 for violations of the Iowa Securities Act, fraud, misrepresentation and other related claims. Read more about the result here.


Will Contest | Tortious Interference

JSC Legal helps two clients that were left out of their father's will obtain farmland and cash representing half of the assets in father's estate. The result was reached through a family settlement agreement after successfully defending a motion for summary judgment by the defendant.


Will Contest | Tortious Interference

Represented two brothers in action to set aside mother's will that left our clients each $100,000. After a jury found the will invalid as the result of undue influence, a settlement was negotiated where the brothers' received a combined $3.1M in assets from their mother's estate. 


Car Accident | Wrongful Death

Represented three occupants of a vehicle involved in a catastrophic car crash when a vehicle crossed into their path on a divided four-lane highway, causing substantial injuries to the occupants, including the subsequent untimely death of one occupant six months later. 


Will Contest | Tortious Interference

Action brought on behalf of a client against his two sisters for unduly influencing parents to leave our client out of their wills. The jury found the will was invalid and damages were awarded for loss of inheritance, punitive damages, and attorney fees. 


Lender Liability | Misrepresentation

Settlement obtained on behalf of a farm client in a lawsuit brought against a bank for misrepresentations made by the bank to our client. 


Bike Accident | Personal Injury

Represented an individual who was struck by a car while riding his bike through a roundabout in Cedar Falls. A lawsuit was filed against our client's underinsured motorist policy. The highest offer prior to trial by the insurance company was $30,000. 


Business Litigation

Represented a corporation against a former director and shareholder of the corporation who interfered with business contracts by establishing a competing business while still serving as a director and shareholder of our client. The jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages in favor of our client. 


Estate Dispute Litigation

Represented a successor executor of an estate in a breach of fiduciary duty claim against the originally named executor based upon his alleged failure to adequately protect the financial interests of the estate’s beneficiaries.


Car Accident | Personal Injury

Represented a couple who were both significantly injured when riding their motorcycle and a vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign.  


Will Contest

Represented an individual in contesting a will where our client was excluded in the decedent's most recent will but was included in prior wills as a beneficiary. 


Personal Injury | Assault

Obtained a judgment on behalf of a client who had been assaulted by a neighbor after complaining about loud music disturbing a Celebration of Life. The judgment included an award of $653,003.73 in damages for injuries sustained and $250,000 in punitive damages.


Tortious Interference with Inheritance

Our Probate Litigation Attorneys represented an individual in a case where his mother made a new will only a few months before she died, leaving property previously intended for our client to his brother. The jury returned a verdict in favor of our client and awarded him $400,000 in loss of inheritance and $200,000 in punitive damages against his brother. 


Will Contest

Settled a will contest case in favor of two children who were disinherited under their father's will. The $1,000,000 settlement represented 75% of the value of the estate.

Not Guilty Verdict

Criminal Defense

JSC Legal Criminal Defense Attorneys obtained a not guilty jury verdict in an OWI case that happened in Buchanan County, Iowa. 

*The results we obtained in each of these cases were based on facts, legal issues, and insurance coverage that were unique to each case.

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